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Places that I frequent

  • B3ta - The spiritual home for most of my deranged doodlings, as well as plenty of other people's doodles as well.
  • Uncyclopedia - Like an encyclopedia, only far, far more (or less) accurate.
  • - A very good place for music trends on t'Interweb.
  • Rinkworks - I used to frequent Rinkworks, aeons ago. I keep this link here because, although I don't visit them that often anymore, it's still a brilliant site.



  • Dave Gorman - one of my favourite comedians. I don't think I'd be able to find 54 Chris Cockbills - in fact, I think ten would be a tall order.
  • Danny Wallace - Dave Gorman's former partner in crime. I haven't joined Join Me, nor am I a citizen of his country, but I still like him all the same.
  • The Framley Examiner - Framley's Traditional Favourite Since 1978. Rarely updated, but still really funny. The personal ad pages are enough for me to descend into bouts of paralytic laughter.
  • The Department of Social Scrutiny (DoSS) - quite worryingly, they're more comprehendable than the current government. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the current government.
  • The Slingshot - The Great British Magazine for Young Chaps. Immerse yourself in the healthy, hearty pages of The Slingshot and you will soon understand why it is that the sun never goes down on the British without asking permission first.
  • The Perry Bible Fellowship - without a shadow of a doubt the darkest, bleakest yet utterly hilarious web comic out there.
  • Boy On A Stick And Slither - ...or maybe this is the best comic ever written. It's certainly up there with the greats.



  • Crash - the best website for all sorts of motorsport, from F1 and A1GP to Champcars and IndyCar, to MotoGP and World Superbikes, to the DTM and the BTCC, to rally, speedway, endurance and the rest.
  • Blog F1 - if it's just F1 you're interested in, then this blog is the best no-nonsense site going.
  • Pitpass - then again, if you want your F1 with a bit of spicy comment, then Pitpass is hard to beat.

News And Views

  • Guardian Unlimited - The Grauniad in internet form. The best source for news on the 'net, in my humble opinion, even if you don't agree with some of their sentiments or politics.
  • Wikipedia Current Events and Wikinews - news for the people, by the people.
  • Europhobia - one of the best weblogs out there. Clear information and comment about Europe and the world in general.
  • There's plenty of other weblogs I read, but to be frank I only read them because I either vehement agree or disagree with their sentiments. If you're new to the 'blogosphere, then I suggest that you find a starting 'blog that you like, then check their 'blogroll (list of links to other 'blogs) for ones that sound interesting.


  • Other Time Lines - it may be an ugly, poorly designed website, but it contains some great alternate reality timelines - Hitler becoming a painter, Bill Clinton becoming evil and taking the USA by force, that kind of thing.
  • Net Disaster - have ending fun with this useless web gadget. I get quite a lot of traffic through this tripe, for some reason.
  • oo - I GOT TWO.
  • Gadsby - a complete book, written without use of the letter E. Not once.