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About the creator

This website was created by Chrico, A.K.A. Christopher Cockbill, a 21-year-old man from the south of England who should really know better by now.

He is a semi-active member of the b3ta community, and has been known to contribute to Uncyclopedia on occasion. He is a big fan of motorsport, especially Formula One, and also enjoys the odd bit of music from time to time (with the emphasis on the word "odd"). When he grows up, he wants to be an astronaut.

About the website

This website was created with a number of different programmes, including Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and MPS HTMLGate Free. Some of the more fiddly JavaScript bits were done in good ol' Notepad. The images were created in Flash, Potatoshop, GIMP and even Paint.

Contact Chrico

My email addresses (expanded for anti-spam purposes, not that it really matters - the amount of spam I get by far outnumbers the amount of actual mail I receive) are as follows:

chrico ATTITY googlemail DOTTITY com